Interactive Index to Events in the Book
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Event Description Date Category
Birth of Michael Edelstein
The only child of a tinsmith and seamstress had a large extended family January 1931 Birth
Civil marriage of Shulem and Feiga
Munye's birth was made legitimate when his parents legally wed March 1932 Marriage
Death of Shloyme Perets
Munye's grandfather died of natural causes and was laid to rest in the cemetery he had tended 1936 Death
Outbreak of War
Germany invades the USSR on June 22, 1941 June 1941 War
Looting of the Jewish quarter
Ukrainian townspeople of Skala ransacked homes after the roundup of Jews September 1942 Persecution
Escape from the Roundup
With his mother's assent, Munye rolled under the barbed wire and ran for his life September 1942 Persecution

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Event Categories

Family Event
* Birth Significant birth dates in Michael Edelstein's story
* Death Events related to the passing of dear family members
* Marriage Important family unions in Michael Edelstein's story
Historic Event
* War How Michael Edelstein experienced historical wartime events
* Displacement Michael Edelstein's perspective on the postwar refugee crisis
* Nationhood The state of Israel is born; the United States belatedly opens its doors
Narrative Event
* Persecution Occasions when Michael Edelstein was impacted by persecution
* Refugee Events related to Michael Edelstein's refugee experience
* Immigration Events related to Michael Edelstein's immigration experience