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Image Location Description Type Map Year
435 Fort Washington Ave.
First building Michael owned in Washington Heights Business locale
Avenue U Shul
Belonging to a synagogue was not about his belief in God Philanthropy locale
Belzec Death Camp
Nazi extermination camp where most of Skala's Jews were murdered Persecution locale
Berlin Düppel Center
Transit camp for Polish Jews bound for DP camps in the American Zone. Refugee locale
1943 - 1945
Bigger House in Old Mill Basin
Family home

Places Categories

Persecution locale Places that figure in Michael Edelstein's Holocaust ordeal
Refugee locale Places that figure in Michael Edelstein's postwar years in Poland and Germany
Immigration locale Places that figure in Michael Edelstein's story during his early years in America
Survival locale Places where Michael Edelstein was concealed or from which he escaped
Family home From Skala to Fifth Avenue, Michael Edelstein's family homes and vacation retreats
Military locale Places in Michael Edelstein's story related to military service
Business locale Places in Michael Edelstein's story where he engaged in commercial activity
Philanthropy locale Places where the generosity of the Edelstein Foundation has made a difference
Place Names
Geographic feature Rivers and mountains that shaped human history
City or Town Communities where Michael Edelstein resided