Refugee locales

Places that figure in Michael Edelstein's postwar years in Poland and Germany
Peter J. Carroll / Associated Press
Image Name Description
Border Crossing Near Szczecin
Author migrated to Germany via Brichah's northern route through Szczecin (Stettin)
Kasserne Hinderburg/Ulm DP camp
The second of three displaced persons camp where the author was housed
Foehrenwald DP camp
Third displaced persons camp where the author was housed
Town with a similar name to which Jewish survivors were evacuated
Bytom Rynek
Market square in the war-ravaged town in Silesia where the Edelsteins were resettled
Berlin Düppel Center
Transit camp for Polish Jews bound for DP camps in the American Zone.
Eschwege DP camp
Displaced Persons camp where the author first resided
Zonal Crossing Near Kassel
Michael entered into the American zone of occupation