Accounts, descriptions and images

Accounts and descriptions from Live Another Day on this website are based on extensive interviews given by Michael Edelstein to Walter Ruby from 2012 to 2014, as well as on earlier versions of the story related to writer Ezra Goldstein, filmmaker Jesse Cogan, and the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive. The co-authors made every effort to corroborate Michael's version of events with other sources. The names of several people depicted were altered to protect their identity. Any narrative errors and inaccuracies are due to the inexact nature of human memory.

Images on this website, except those supplied by the Edelstein family, are sourced from Internet sites and collections. Historical images used are not meant to be exact depictions of people and places in the book, but to evoke similar locations and individuals. Source links and photo credits are provided for most images. If you or your organization owns the rights to an image used on the site, contact us at the link below to request removal or correct the source information.


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