Visual index to people in the book
Photo Name Bio Relationship Life Phase Ethnicity/Nationality Religion
Abraham Scharf
Michael's early partner in real estate investment Business associate Adulthood American Jewish
Advocat Mishkin
Jewish lawyer in Czortkov who obtained Shulem's discharge from the Red Army Helper Childhood Polish Jewish
Artur Engel
German border guard who terrorized Jews in Skala Perpetrator Childhood German Gentile
Boxing Coach Hans
German sportsman who developed Munye's pugilism Teacher or Mentor Adolescence German Gentile
Bytom Frau
Black market customer who hoarded Jewish relics Business associate Adolescence German Gentile
Captain Mikhel Nikolai Kaminin
Red Army officer who commanded unit that liberated Skala Helper Childhood Russian Gentile
Customer in Borough Park
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Daniel Edelstein
Grandson of the author who works in the family business Family member Adulthood American Jewish
David Ben-Gurion
A visionary who was tough to the core Public figure Adolescence, Adulthood Polish, Israeli Jewish
David Berkow
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People Categories

Family member Michael Edelstein's close family relations
Perpetrator Nazis and collaborationists active in Skala and the region
Savior The two native Ukrainians whom Michael credits for his survival
Teacher or Mentor Respected elders who showed the way for Michael Edelstein
Friend People whom Michael Edelstein counted as friends
Business associate People with whom Michael Edelstein conducted business
Townsperson Jews and Gentiles from the town of Skala and its environs
Helper People who gave a helping hand to Michael Edelstein during all his life phases
Public figure Power players whom Michael Edelstein has known in the U.S. and Israel
Scholar or Author Writers on the survivor experience known to Michael Edelstein
Ethnicity or Nationality
German Military and civilian German citizens whom Michael Edelstein encountered
Polish Jews and Gentiles from the region of greater Poland before WWII
Ukrainian Collaborators and saviors from the native Ukrainian people
American Native and naturalized Americans in Michael Edelstein's life
Israeli People from the promised land in Michael Edelstein's story
Jewish Chosen people whom Michael Edelstein has known and loved
Gentile Non-Jewish people with whom Michael Edelstein interacted
Life Phase
Childhood Important people from Michael Edelstein's early life phase
Adolescence People Michael Edelstein knew during his teenaged years
Adulthood People Michael Edelstein knew during his adult life phase