Persecution Events

Occasions when Michael Edelstein was impacted by persecution
Krzysztof Kosterna
Image Name Description Date
Escape from the Roundup
With his mother's blessing, Munye rolled under the barbed wire and ran for his life September 26 1942
Looting of the Jewish quarter
Ukrainian townspeople ransacked Jewish homes after the roundup September 26 1942
Sheltered in Place During the Forest Aktion
Close call as Ukrainian militia sweep the forest October 1943
Typhus Epidemic
The authorities tried to isolate the contagion within the Jewish ghetto March 1943
Wave of Postwar Pogroms
Antisemitic actions in postwar Poland reached their climax at Kielce 1944 1946
Encounter with the Mayor
February 1944
Deja Vu in a Hayloft
The same barn where Munye hid from the Nazis is still standing a half-century later 1999