Escape from the Roundup

With his mother's assent, Munye rolled under the barbed wire and ran for his life
Stroop Report

An old man sat hunched by my spot and watched what I was doing. He helpfully bent down and whispered that he would lift the wire to make it easier for me to roll under. And that is just what happened. I waited for the right moment when the sentry had passed. On my signal, the old man lifted the wire and I scooted under it. In a second, I was out! 

What I didn’t expect was that another boy would follow me under the wire. It was Mottel, the son of the baker. He was a younger than me but his sister was my classmate at school. I guess he also must have seen me planning the break and spontaneously invited himself along, making more of a commotion and attracting more immediate attention than I had planned.

As I got back to my feet on the other side of the fence, I saw him behind me and realized that my chances for a clean getaway had been seriously compromised.