Jews and Gentiles from the region of greater Poland before WWII
Image Name Description Life Phase
Advocat Mishkin
Jewish lawyer in Czortkov who obtained Shulem's discharge from the Red Army Childhood
David Ben-Gurion
A visionary who was tough to the core Adolescence, Adulthood
Eliyahu Engelbach (Uncle Elio)
The pious brother of Munye's mother was killed at Borki-Wielke Childhood
Fanya Gottesfeld Heller
Educator and philanthropist who published her Skala survival memoir Adulthood
Feige Epstein
The author's mother who urged him to "Run, my child." Childhood
Florence Edelstein
The author's partner in life and business Adulthood
Gedalia Lachman
Educator and survivor who wrote the history of Skala’s Jews Childhood
Herbie Troyevsky
Friend from Eschwege and Brooklyn who advised Munye to change his name Adolescence, Adulthood
Israel Blutstein
Munye witnessed the horrible murder of Lonye's father by Rembocha Childhood
Isser and Tziril Pecker
Survivor couple who lived with Munye in the aftermath of liberation Childhood
Itzig Epstein (Uncle Itsche)
Shulem's younger brother who took his place at Borki-Wielke Childhood
Jacob Herzog
Brooklyn union leader originally from Skala helped Shulem Edelstein find employment Adulthood
Lonye Blutstein
Munye's closest companion in the bunkers Childhood, Adolescence
Max Mermelstein
Skala survivor and community leader who passed away in 2018 Childhood, Adulthood
Melamed Yossel
The author's stern Hebrew school teacher Childhood
Menachem Begin
One of many Israeli PMs with whom Michael met Adulthood
Menachem Brettschneider Chemye
Munye met up with his school chum in the aftermath Childhood
Michael Edelstein
The author reflecting on life Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood
Rabbi Judah Drimmel
Last rabbi from Skala's family rabbinical dynasty Childhood
Schloma Peretz Engelbach
The author's grandfather was a prominent figure in Skala Childhood
Shulem Epstein
The author's father, a tinsmith by trade, was also a survivor Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood
Simonia Woycik
Polish resident of the Mazury who who scorned Munye in 1942-43 Childhood, Adulthood
Sroel the Tailor
Munye's bunker buddy who joined his household in the aftermath Childhood
Zvi Greenblatt
Beitar squad leader at Eschwege advised Munye not to join Irgun brigade Adolescence, Adulthood