People Michael Edelstein knew during his teenaged years
Image Name Description Life Phase
Boxing Coach Hans
German sportsman who developed Munye's pugilism Adolescence
Bytom Frau
Black market customer who hoarded Jewish relics Adolescence
David Ben-Gurion
A visionary who was tough to the core Adolescence, Adulthood
Herbie Troyevsky
Friend from Eschwege and Brooklyn who advised Munye to change his name Adolescence, Adulthood
Lonye Blutstein
Munye's closest companion in the bunkers Childhood, Adolescence
Michael Edelstein
The author reflecting on life Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood
Miriam Hoffman
Yiddish scholar who introduced Michael and Florence Adolescence, Adulthood
Shulem Epstein
The author's father, a tinsmith by trade, was also a survivor Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood
Zvi Greenblatt
Beitar squad leader at Eschwege advised Munye not to join Irgun brigade Adolescence, Adulthood