Non-Jewish people with whom Michael Edelstein interacted
Image Name Description Life Phase
Artur Engel
German border guard who terrorized Jews in Skala Childhood
Boxing Coach Hans
German sportsman who developed Munye's pugilism Adolescence
Bytom Frau
Black market customer who hoarded Jewish relics Adolescence
Captain Mikhel Nikolai Kaminin
Red Army officer who commanded unit that liberated Skala Childhood
Donald Trump
He fired Edelstein & Sons from a roofing contract Adulthood
Mayor Ivan Kowalyszen
Ukrainian mayor of Skala who "safeguarded" Jewish valuables Childhood
Mikhail, Tinsmith Commissar
Red Army sergeant who collectivized Munye's tin "business" Childhood
Nicolai Getman
Ukrainian livery driver who smuggled Munye and Shulem out of Borshchow Childhood, Adulthood
Obersturmfuehrer Kelner
Chief regional SS officer who directed actions against Jews Childhood
Olena Kovalshina
Ukrainian townswomen of Skala who provided sustenance for Munye, Shulem and Lonye Childhood, Adulthood
Police Captain Rembocha
Ukrainian police official who brutalized Jews Childhood
Simonia Woycik
Polish resident of the Mazury who who scorned Munye in 1942-43 Childhood, Adulthood