Business associates

People with whom Michael Edelstein conducted business

Michael Edelstein learned business in his father's tinsmith shop. Here are characters through the years with whom Michael did business.

Image Name Description Life Phase
Abraham Scharf
Michael's early partner in real estate investment Adulthood
Bytom Frau
Black market customer who hoarded Jewish relics Adolescence
Donald Trump
He fired Edelstein & Sons from a roofing contract Adulthood
Florence Edelstein
The author's partner in life and business Adulthood
Isser and Tziril Pecker
Survivor couple who lived with Munye in the aftermath of liberation Childhood
Mikhail, Tinsmith Commissar
Red Army sergeant who collectivized Munye's tin "business" Childhood
Roofing boss Shenker
Lower East Side roofer who was Michael's first employer Adulthood