Native and naturalized Americans in Michael Edelstein's life
Image Name Description Life Phase
Abraham Scharf
Michael's early partner in real estate investment Adulthood
Daniel Edelstein
Grandson of the author who works in the family business Adulthood
David Edelstein
Grandson of the author who works in the family business Adulthood
Donald Trump
He fired Edelstein & Sons from a roofing contract Adulthood
Fanya Gottesfeld Heller
Educator and philanthropist who published her Skala survival memoir Adulthood
Florence Edelstein
The author's partner in life and business Adulthood
Harvey Kaylie
One of Michael's mentors in philanthropy Adulthood
Herbie Troyevsky
Friend from Eschwege and Brooklyn who advised Munye to change his name Adolescence, Adulthood
Jacob Herzog
Brooklyn union leader originally from Skala helped Shulem Edelstein find employment Adulthood
Marc Edelstein
The author's first-born child followed him in business Adulthood
Michael Edelstein
The author reflecting on life Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood
Miriam Hoffman
Yiddish scholar who introduced Michael and Florence Adolescence, Adulthood
Ron Edelstein
Son of the author who followed him in the roofing and property management trades Adulthood
Roofing boss Shenker
Lower East Side roofer who was Michael's first employer Adulthood
Shulem Epstein
The author's father, a tinsmith by trade, was also a survivor Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood
Susan Edelstein
The author's daughter also entered the family business Adulthood
Walter Ruby
Jewish journalist and interfaith activist; co-author of Live Another Day Adulthood
William Helmreich
Holocaust survivor scholar; author of Against All Odds Adulthood