Michael Edelstein was headstrong and independent, a self-described mamzer. He was 10 years old when he rolled under the barbed wire and escaped the roundup of the Jewish townspeople of Skala-Podolsk on the morning of Sukkoth 1942....

Now, in his twilight years, Edelstein finally relates his full life history. From his Holocaust ordeal in the forests and bunkers, to the purgatory of post-war Poland and Germany, to his early years in the U.S. as a Korea-era GI and self-made small businessman, to his ultimate successes in real estate and philanthropy, Edelstein fills his narration with richly remembered details and characteristic Yiddish outlook.

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The Takeaway

Reviews and comments by early readers of Live Another Day

Munye's World

A blog on the historical context of Michael Edelstein's life story, by co-authors Walter and Dan Ruby

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Entering Munye's World
Entering Munye's World
Ukraine Then and Now: Origins
Ukraine Then and Now: Origins
Introducing Max Mermelstein z"l
Introducing Max Mermelstein z"l

Arc of Life

The trajectory of Michael Edelstein's life is framed within a separate journey to remember and make sense of it

Audio Excerpts

Readings from Live Another Day, performed by Yiddish actor Avi Hoffman

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A toast to two saviors
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Survival factors

Called out as a zhulik
Uncle Itshe volunteers
A mother’s gift
Encounter with Artur Engel
My first food mission
Lebn andern tog
Tateh is drafted
Deception at the emigration office

Set straight in Bytom
Crossing on the General Langfitt
An incident in Kitzel Park
Assigned to cooks school
Edelstein & Sons
Taking the long view
Parnoseh: Making a living
Foundation of support

Quote Unquote

More than 200 selections from Live Another Day, organized by chapter

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