Pitkin Avenue

Hanging out with friends around Zion Triangle
The Park Slopian

Pitkin Avenue was the main street in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, which was the historic Jewish neighborhood in the borough. It was a few miles from where I lived in the slightly more upscale Bensonhurst, but I hung out with my friends in Brownsville. Herbie’s girlfriend Sheila lived off Pitkin on Hinsdale Avenue, so the two of us visited Brownsville quite a lot. 

The big attraction on Pitkin Avenue was the grand Loewe’s Pitkin Theater, an ornate movie palace where I went sometimes for the weekend matinees. Next to the theater and across from Ripley’s was a small triangular park known as Zion Triangle, because it contained a sculptured war memorial to local Jewish soldiers who died in World War I. This was always the meeting place when we came to the Avenue to see our friends.  

Pitkin Avenue
Zion Park War Memorial in Brownsville