Crossing on the General Langfitt

Twelve days on board with American movies and Coca Cola

We sailed aboard the USS General C.W. Langfitt, a decommissioned troop carrier that had seen war service in both Europe and Asia and was now assigned to refugee transport. Tens of thousands of DPs left Europe on the General Langfitt between 1948 and 1952, when it was put back into military service for the Korean war. 

The passengers were all refugees, Jews and gentiles alike, from camps all around Germany. There were some with us from Foehrenwald. We bustled up the gangway with our parcels full of excitement. The ship was full but not overcrowded with about 800 passengers. 

The accommodations aboard ship were spartan. Men and women were separated, which was a challenge for families but not a problem for Tateh and me. Aside from the bunks, conditions were not bad. They showed American movies in a ship theater. The food was good. There was fresh fruit and bottles of Coca Cola.